What you can do on CPAN Day

CPAN Day, the anniversary of the very first upload to the archive, is a good day to spend improving CPAN a little. You don’t have to be a module author to participate.

CPAN Authors

CPAN Users

2 thoughts on “What you can do on CPAN Day

  1. Paul

    Are there any guides available for the CPAN users tasks? I think it would be useful to link to those if possible as having ‘Test and diagnose a ticket in RT’ link to the RT homepage doesn’t tell anyone *how* to test and diagnose a ticket.

    1. brian d foy Post author

      Find a module that you like, look at it’s bug queue, then figure out what’s going wrong. There’s no how beyond that because there are so many thing that could be wrong and you’d go about it differently. It’s like fixing any program problem.


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